what we believe


Creativity, strategy and data.

Our Philosophy

TWG Plus’s commitment to higher education extends beyond the industry. We strive to grow by building and learning from every campaign to better serve our clients. Why? Because every institution has its own unique story to share—and their own unique students to share it with. Our approach combines data, strategy and creativity to deliver optimal results for our clients in student enrollment and retention.

Commitment to Service

Our promise to provide the best possible service is paramount to TWG Plus. As we grow, learn and expand, we maintain the responsive and dedicated service from the small company we started as.

An Educated Approach

A defined process is vital to attaining results. Using the TWG Plus Five-Step Process, we take the knowledge we acquired of your institution, prospective students and trends, and work that into successful brand development and campaigns. But we don’t stop there. We roll the new knowledge gained from every campaign into the next activity. Your world is constantly changing…our approach incorporates that. Read More…