A “Harvard” Reputation

If your school was a person, who would be in its proud circle of friends? If you couldn’t count students or alumni in, you may have some re-branding to do.

No one likes a nuisance with a bad personality, or lack thereof – the same goes for a brand. Successful brands establish vivid personalities widely recognized by the public and (ideally) embody characteristics similar to the target group of their marketing efforts.

One of the most popular illustrations of effective “brand personality”, for example, is Apple. Tech-savvy consumers are highly familiar with their “I’m a Mac, and I’m a PC” ad campaign that literally personifies how a typical Mac user might look, behave, etc. The consistent “cool” expressed through the brand’s advertising, in-store experience and products themselves have made Apple one of the strongest brands in the world.

“So what if my school doesn’t have touch screen phones and 27-inch, high retina desktops to give away? Then what?” stumped recruiters may ask. Schools must steer away from generic taglines and aim to “create a brand that becomes a desirable addition to the personal brand of every student and alumnus,” Roger Dooley says.

Although “every school can’t be Harvard”, countless options exist when choosing the direction of your school’s branding strategy. The most important thing? Make sure your marketing truly reflects your school and the experience that comes along with being a student there. From direct mail campaigns to on-campus recruitment tours, students should recognize a similar look and feel throughout each interaction.

If your communication efforts are truly consistent and compelling, prospects shouldn’t have to trek to campus and visit before knowing they belong there.

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